Friday, 27 February 2015

Things I Hate Hearing From Naturals

If you've read any of my previous post you know that last August I did the big chop and have been growing my natural hair since then. When I first became natural I started going on many natural blogs in order to learn the best ways to care for my hair. When frequenting these websites I came across some opinions from people that had me shaking my head. Here are some categories of people in the natural hair community that I shall we say am not fond of.

1. Old Naturals Who Look Down At New Naturals

This has got to be the group I dislike the most, the natural hair community is suppose to be about unity not creating hierarchies based on who's been natural the longest. This isn't a competition but some people want to treat it like it is one. I can't stand people who have been natural all their lives or started being natural before it became a thing and feel the need to bring it up all the time, you know who I I'm talking about the people who say "I've been natural before this natural hair trend started and I'm still  going to be natural when it's over " I would think that these people would be happy that more people are thinking like them and are realizing the beauty of natural hair, that fact that these people have such a problem with it, makes me think they became natural because no one was doing it and they liked being unique and now that more people are doing it, they don't get to feel special anymore and their bitter about this. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying all people who have been natural for years or since they were kids are like this, most aren't, but you will find some with an attitude.

2. People Who Act Like Certain People Can't Be Part Of Natural Community

I hate hearing debates on if mixed people or people with 3b/c hair should be allowed in the natural hair community. Now I understand that in the black community this type of hair is seen as "good hair" but this does not mean that people with that type of hair don't face problems with bosses looking at their hair as unprofessional and having people tell them to brush their hair because it look "unkempt". I think as long at your black people are going to pick at our hair no matter how it looks. I'm sure everyone still remembers the ignorant youtube video two white high school students made where they made fun of the black girls that wear weave at their school, black women can't win when it comes to our hair, so we should not be judging each other or trying to exclude each other from something many people use as a support system.

3. People That Act As If 3b/c Hair Is "Good Hair"

I don't like people that try to exclude people with this hair texture and I also don't like people who try to act like its the only good hair texture to have. I've seen plenty of women that have 4b/c hair and it looks beautiful. The whole point of the natural hair movement is showing people that it's ok to be natural, saying some types of natural hair is better then others defeats this. 

4. People Who Make Ridiculous Rules On Who is Natural

I've heard people say in order to be natural you can't dye your hair, you can't use a straightener on your hair, you can only use natural hair products like Shea butter or olive oil. Now I have never dyed my hair, I haven't straightened it since becoming natural and I use Shea butter to moisturize my hair, but if someone else did any of these things I would not care. I'm sure when my hair is longer there will be days I will use a flat iron.  Natural hair is about choice and freedom, if there's all these rules then whats the point? 

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