Friday, 27 February 2015

Why Is Black Stlyes Only Cool When On Non Black People?

It always surprises me how white celebrities will be praised for doing a hairstlye that black women have beeing doing for generations. People will say how daring and cool they look, but in the same breath mock black women for the same styles. I remember one website  making a fuss over Kristen Stewart 's corn rollsshe had on one side of her head, making it sound like she was so edgy. While she looked good with the style I couldn't help think that if  a black girl did the same thing no one would comment or talk about how inapporiate it was for her to wear her hair like that. And no one can forget when Marie Claire was praising Kendall Jenner for "epic new" corn rows, even though the style is one black girls have been wearing forever. These thoughts come to mind in the scandal surronding Zendaya Coleman wearing dreadlocks at the Oscars.  Fashion Police Guilaina Rancic made comments about her smelling of patchouli oil and weed. Rancic claims the comment was not about race, but like many people, including Zandaya, have pointed out, there is a history of black people being shamed over our hair.  It fustrates me that people will tell black  people that our hair and hairsyles are ghetto, dirty, inapporiate, unmanagable and gross, but as soon as a white celebrity wears a black hair stlye suddenly its epic, daring, fabolous, cool, beautiful. I am glad people did not take Rancic's comment quietly and let people know that black hair is epic, dairing, fabolous and yes. beautiful.

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