Thursday, 5 March 2015

finger combing vs Wide Tooth Combing

There are some people that swear by finger combing and I was one at them a year ago when I first went natural, it seemed easier than using a wide tooth comb and seemed to help with curl definition. But one thing I learned was when finger combing you have to be hundred percent sure you have removed all the knots from your. If you asked me I would have told you I was doing this, when in fact I was missing quite a lot of the knots. When I decided to comb my hair with a wide tooth comb during when of my wash days, I quickly realized I wasn't being careful enough. I went back to combing with a wide tooth comb after that. I'm not saying finger combing doesn't work, because there are planty of people that do it and have great results, but I learned not everything is for everyone. Finding what does and doesn't work for you is essential to healthy hair. What do you do? Finger combing or Wide tooth combing?