Thursday, 23 July 2015

Colourism In The Fashion Industrry

A few weeks ago model Nykhor Paul spoke about the issues dark skinned models face in the fashion industry when it comes to having their makeup done. She spoke about how many of the makeup artist at the shows do not know how to do makeup for darker skin tones and how she has to bring her own makeup to shows. I think it is crazy that in 2015 dark skinned black girls have to bring their own makeup to shows, there are so many different types of foundations and so many different makeup lines that it should not be hard for a fashion event to have the proper makeup for everyone. And does anyone find it strange that makeup artist seem to be okay with this, if I train to do a certain skill I want to make sure I have the proper tools for my trade, how can you be a good makeup artist if there is a whole group of people that you don't know how to do makeup for. Imagine if a chef at a prestigious restaurant did not have all the proper cooking tools in their kitchen? They would be furious, so why are makeup artist just so casual about the fact that they can not properly do everyone's makeup? Not only are they okay with this ridiculous situation, but they are rude and at times racist when confronted with this. Nykhor stated in interviews that when she complained about having makeup that was too light for her skin applied on her face, they would act as if she is being a diva or call her an angry black girl. This is one of the things that black women are tired of, if we try to speak out against injustice, we are called angry, rude, aggressive, trouble makers and all types of unfair names. It is not being a diva or an angry black women to speak out against unfair treatment or tell you when you are doing a bad job when you are. Hopefully with everyone discussing this topic, the fashion industry will make some changes to how they run there shows.

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