Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Signs Your Relationship is Over

In many instances there are big red flags telling you that your relationship is ending but we often ignore them because we do not want to admit its over. Breakups are often painful and awkward especially when its with someone we've been with for a long period of time, but its best to realize when your relationship has run its course instead of putting it off. Breakups are like taking off a band aid, the faster you get if over with the less painful it is. Here are some signs that your relationship is going no where.

1. You Don't Communicate Properly

If you find that you and your significant other are constantly arguing over ever little thing, it might be time to call it quits. Now arguing is a normal part of every relationship, your never going completely agree with someone all the time, but if you can't even agree on little things, this could be a sign that you aren't compatible with this person.

2. You Are Not the Same People You Were At the Beginning of Your Relationship

As time goes by we start to mature and have different out looks on life. How we behaved when we first started a relationship versus who we are now can greatly impact the course of the relationship. You may have found that you had a lot in common with your boyfriend, but now you don't see eye to eye on things. It is possible to mature and grow along side your partner, but you have to admit to yourself when you have grown apart.

3. You Never Talk About the Future

If you haven't been with someone long, then this is a non issue. But if you've been in a relationship with some one long enough that you should be making future plans with them and your not, this is a big red flag. If you're been with someone for years but can't imagine a life with them, then you have to ask yourself what are you two doing with each other? If you should be at the point where you should be thinking of moving in with each other, but neither of you brings it up or is uncomfortable with the idea, then that means you both know your relationship is never going to be that serious and you don't want a life with that person. If this is the case you should be looking for the exist sign immediately, there's no use putting off something you already know.

4. He's Putting Distance Between You Two 

If in the beginning of your relationship he was constantly calling you, making plans for dates or outings and generally wanting to spend lots of time with you, but now you find he can't seem to find the time to fit you into his schedule, something is wrong. If you find your the only one making plans and he is flaking on you to spend time with other people or alone it means he isn't as invested in the relationship as he once was and may even be thinking of breaking up with you, but doesn't know how to say it. There's no point in trying to spend time with someone you doesn't want to spend time with you, better to end things and find someone who does enjoy your company.

5. He Behaves Like He's Single

No one should act like a single person when their in a committed relationship. If you find he is constantly going out partying or hanging out with his friends or family, but not inviting you along, the relationship is done in his mind and this is he's way of letting you know.

6. He Thinks Belittling You Is Okay

It is never, never, NEVER okay for your significant other to think it is okay to disrespect you. If you find  he is insulting you, you need to tell him immediately that this is not okay behaviour and that you want him to stop at once, if he persist in this bad behaviour after being warned, there is only one thing left to do and that is to say goodbye. No one has the right to disrespect someone, especially not someone they are in a relationship with, if your significant other does this it means they don't respect you.

7. Insulting you In front Of Others

Like in number 6, the person you are dating should never disrespect you, especially in public. If they are belittling you in front of family and friends or even strangers, this person is being thoughtless to your feelings and clearly does not respect you. Even worse is if they are doing this behaviour on purpose, if this is the case do not even talk to them about the issue, leave, if this person enjoys humiliating you in public, they are not going to change.


Saturday, 19 September 2015

Wish List


We are halfway through September and fall is in the air. Usually this would make me feel sad that summer is behind us, but I am looking forward to the fall fashions (and unlike winter, I don't feel like a popsicle) . These cardigans by Dita Von Teese is perfect for any fall look, you can pair them with a pencil skirt, poodle skirt, skinny jeans, ect and you will look elegant and stylish.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Artwork and Track List For Lana Del Rey's Fourth Album Honeymoon

Lana Del Rey is one of my favorite artist out right now, so I am pretty exited that her latest album Honeymoon is going to be in stores tomorrow. One thing I love so far is the cool pictures that have been released for the album, they are in typical Lana fashion, with a very 1950's -1960's feel to them.

 Lana Del Rey

Here is a picture Lana released on instagram for Music To Watch Boys To

Love this picture, wish I had those headphones. I usually don't like hot pink, but this pajama's are beautiful.

Track List:

Music To Watch Boys To
Terrance Loves You
God Knows I Tried
High By The Beach
Art Deco
Burnt Norton
The Blackest Day

My favorite is High By The Beach, what is your favorite song on Honeymoon?

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Style Inspirations From The Past

For my style inspirations from the past series I will be highlighting the beautiful clothing from iconic women from the 1920's-1980's.  For todays article I decided to go with one of my favorite singers Lena Horne, who's singing and acting where breathtaking and who's style was glamorous and classy. The black dress she wore while performing in Stormy Weather is a good example of this. The dress has a plunging neckline, while not showing to much cleavage, her arms and back are covered, yet are visible through the see through material of her dress.

This beautiful evening gown is another example of  how the thin see through material makes the gown  both sensuous and classy.

I love the flowers and ribbons she would have in her hair, they always made and transformed the outfits she wore. While I love clothes, I do believe that accessories can make or break an outfit. Purple is my favorite colour and these photos are making me fall in love with the color even more.

Monday, 14 September 2015

If I Could Only Wear One Outfit Everyday

  If could only were one outfit everyday for the rest of my life it would have to be this dress , it has a old time glamour that I like. I love the gowns that the old stars from the 40's and 50's wore, I think there were elegant and made them look amazing. This dress is reminds me of those type of gowns, it would look great paired with long gloves and a fur shawl. Another thing I love about it is the color, it is dark purple with a black see through material on top, so depending on were you are standing the dress can either look  like a very dark shade of purple or black.

Appropriating or Connecting

For the last week an article written by Zipporagh Gene has been making waves on the internet. The article titled Black Americans Please Stop Appropriating African Clothing talks about how African Americans are wearing African clothing, at events like Afropunk because it is trendy and cool. She makes the comparison that African Americans wearing African clothing is no different from white people wearing African American clothing for fashion. When I came across this article I felt it was problematic for a number of reasons. One the tone comes off as condescending, secondly she does not seem to understand what happened during slavery, thirdly she also does not seem to understand the power dynamic in cultural appropriation and lastly the article is very divisive.

Ms. Gene first brings up the issue of black Americans wearing African clothing from different ethnic groups in Africa and how it is disrespectful. What she is not seem to realize here, is that black diaspora communities are a mixture of different African people, slaves were taken from across West Africa, so none of us have ancestors from only one ethnic group or country in Africa.  We have a "hodgepodge" (as she so eloquently put it) of different African peoples running through our veins. So to me it would be weirder if African Americans decided to just wear clothing from Nigeria, when not all their ancestors are from there. African slaves in America had their culture striped from them during slavery, they would be beaten, punished, even killed if they were caught doing anything that was African.  When African Americans wear African inspired clothing it is not to be trendy or cool, it is a way of taking back what was stolen from them. Secondly I disagree with her when she compares Black people wearing African clothing to white people wearing African American clothing. Difference is when a white person wears cornrows they can take their cornrows out and go back to white society and not face discrimination, a black person can take their cornrows out, but will still be black and will still face discrimination for being black. If African Americans stop wearing African clothing, they do not stop facing discrimination, not to mention you can not appropriate something you are apart of. The author is accusing African Americans of making a mockery of African culture, but it seems to me that she is the one making a mockery of a group of people trying to reconnect with a heritage that was forcefully taken from them. This article is very divisive and will only make black communities around the world fell further apart.