Monday, 19 October 2015

Book Review : The Illusionist

Yesterday I went to the Library and stumbled upon this great find. The First thing I noticed when looking through the adult fiction section was the side picture (same as the cover). When I pulled it out and looked at the cover, I was intrigued, the women has an old time performer look, that I loved and the title made me feel this book would be worth reading. I read the summary at the back and new for sure this was the book for me.  It talked about a woman who bulked against tradition and the mystique of a performing troupe. When I started reading I was surprised that it did not begin with the woman mentioned in the summary, but with the man she will eventually be working for, Devil Winx. I was surprised but not disappointed, the first page begins by introducing him and saying Devil Winx is the name he is known by his admirers and enemies. This of course made me feel that Mr. Winx was going to be a very intriguing character and from what I have read he is going to be up to all kinds of mischief. I am also glad that the story is being told from more that one person's perspective; while I do not mind one narrative stories, but as we often see in everyday situations, people often have very different views from each other. This makes me wonder during one person narratives, how the other characters feel in different situations and if the main character is giving an accurate account of what is happening. I have just started reading this story, but it looks like it will be a very good read. When I finish the novel I will write another review to tell you if the novel lived up to the promising beginning.



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